The Breakthrough House Consumer Assistance Program provides representative payee services for persons with mental illness that are receiving SSDI or SSI.

Why Consumer Assistance?

At one time, it was estimated that the number of persons with mental illness in Topeka was at least twice what you would expect to find in a city of this size. While that number may have decreased with the departure of the Menninger Clinic, there are indicators that the population is still a significant one. 

About the Program

Breakthrough House, Inc. is authorized by the Social Security Administration to be a Representative Payee Organization, and as such is authorized to offer payee services to consumers receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits who need someone to manage their benefits for them.

Services Offered

  • Representative Payee Services—are available for consumers who are recipients of SSDI or SSI disability benefits and are required by the Social Security Administration to have a representative payee. A beneficiary may choose Breakthrough House, Inc. as their payee from among a list of qualified organizations when they apply for their benefits. Each beneficiary has his/her own bank account into which their benefit payments are directly deposited and from which payments are made on their behalf by the Breakthrough House, Inc. payee. Together, the payee and the beneficiary develop a budget that will ensure that the beneficiary’s basic needs for housing, food, medication and other life necessities are being met, and the payee manages the beneficiary’s finances, accordingly. Assistance is also provided to beneficiaries, as needed, with annual recertification of eligibility for food stamps, Medicaid, and other benefits.
  • Dental Referrals—may be made to help individuals receive non-emergency dental care, if available.


Where Do I Apply?

Applications for Representative Payee Services may be made at the Breakthrough House, Inc. call (785) 232-6807.


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